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    Mon Aug 24 2009, 23:14
    Message by stephy - *waves*
    Howdy Sashi.

    Isn't today a nice day

    *points to sky*

    Look at the sky

    *waits til Sashi is looking at Sky*

    *Pokes Sashi in right arm*


    *runs away*

  2. avatar
    Fri Aug 21 2009, 21:44
    Message by stephy - Treaty of Peace
    Yes we can rule together XD I just hope Bella and Vi agrees. I'm sure they will lol.

    Yes Mike is a very good looking dude ^_^ His looks helped end our war that's how great he is lmao

    That gives me an idea. Maybe for April Fools we should "rule" over the site like Rai did lol It would be fun. We should have Amy and elffie help us out
  3. avatar
    Thu Aug 20 2009, 23:30
    Message by stephy - Dear Sashi
    Dear Sashi

    I have decided that I am no longer declaring war on your Trinity cause of the awesome set you made me. I loves it so much

    Love Stephy XD
  4. avatar
    Fri Jul 17 2009, 22:15
    Message by violetriddle
    Love...if you go to stastic on peoples profiles....go to the bottom near VM and click send a VM you can leave them XD
  5. avatar
    Wed Jul 01 2009, 04:24
    Message by Sashi
    So, now I'm spamming myself. lol I'm so loving giving everybody a VM but their profiles are not letting me. >.< So, I'm giving myself instead. Nyahahaha! xD

    Hope the admin could forgive me with this.
  6. avatar
    Wed Jul 01 2009, 04:16
    Message by Sashi
    Why can't I give others a visitor's message? sad
  7. avatar
    Wed Jul 01 2009, 04:08
    Message by Sashi
    I got a negative rep, for the first time? sad Why? Oh, why? And who? Waaaa!!! I must go look for the person and revenge. Nyehehe! Just kidding!
  8. avatar
    Sun May 17 2009, 10:57
    Message by violetriddle

    I made you forget how to count



    Im. Good. Period.
  9. avatar
    Sun May 17 2009, 10:12
    Message by violetriddle

    You hurts me sad

    no cookies or presents or anything for you liar!!!
  10. avatar
    Sun May 17 2009, 08:30
    Message by violetriddle


    I have cursed *cough*spam*cough* your vistors messages!!!!

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Rank: Ravenclaw Head of House : Charms Professor : 1st Year: Fairy
Ravenclaw Head of House : Charms Professor : 1st Year: Fairy